PE Premium



 At Dursley C of E Primary Academy we are proud of our reputation for excellence in sport and physical education.

We have a record of encouraging broad participation in a wide range of activities. Dursley’s teams take part in competitions (tournaments, festivals, galas and athletics events) in twelve different sports/activities – often with much success. These include boys’ football, girls’ football, tag rugby, netball, hockey, boys’ cricket, girls’ cricket, rounders, swimming, athletics, cross-country, running and dance.

After school clubs or coaching opportunities are offered in all these sports plus tennis, gymnastics and archery. We are able to signpost families to several local sports clubs with whom we have strong links including Cam Cricket Club, Dursley Rugby Club, Dursley Girls Football Club, Everside Football Club, Slimbridge Football Club, Dursley Ladies Hockey Club and Wotton Hockey Club and Dursley Dolphins.

Extra PE funding was introduced by the Government in September 2013.  It is allocated to schools on the basis that:

  • There is an increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics.
  • There is an increase and success in competitive school sports.
  • That the PE curriculum becomes more inclusive.
  • There is a growth in the range of provisional and alternative sporting activities.
  • There is an improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and local partners.
  • That there are links with other subjects that contribute to pupils' overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural links.
  • That there is a greater awareness amongst pupils about dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupil's health.

Our aim at Dursley C of E Primary Academy is to provide for children:

  • Weekly quality PE teaching from well trained staff.
  • A wide range of after-school clubs.
  • Specialised sessions for talented pupils.
  • Sports events that encourage competition at all levels.
  • Active lunchtimes that provide a variety of organised activities.

Delivered PE Premium expenditure for 2013 - 14

PE Grant and Budget from September 2013-14













Rednock Sports Partnership


KS2 Teachers observed dance and gym teaching by Rednock Teachers and team taught. Inter school tournaments were held, run and staffed by Rednock staff.

PE leadership and consultancy


An audit of initial PE within the Academy was carried out with the PE lead alongside a sports consultant. This enabled the action plan to be drafted and implemented focusing on need. The work consultant also helped develop the skills of the PE lead.

Pupil Conferencing


PE lead and consultant carried out pupil conferencing which informed action planning.

Lesson Observations


PE lead and consultant jointly observed 3 lessons and lead is now able to observe teaching independently.

Staff Training


Staff informed of the new national curriculum requirements. Through audit areas focused on were different parts of a PE lesson, Gifted and Talented and SEN. Progression ladders were created to assess learning in PE.

Developing Assessment System


Progress ladders enable staff and pupils to be focused on the Learning objective of the lesson and the associated success criteria and next steps in learning.

Infant After School Clubs


The number of active after school clubs increased from 0 in the Autumn term, to 1 (dance) in the Spring Term and 2 ( Zumba and tennis) in the summer term.

Tennis Coaching and Club


Years 1 and 2 had tennis coaching, teachers observed and team taught. Year 2 pupils attended a Tennis Tournament.

Chance to Shine Cricket


Year 5 and 6 worked with Coaches worked with staff and pupils to develop quality of teaching and learning leading to a inter school tournament.

Raising the Profile f PE


Information on the website to inform parents about PE

Pupils reporting about PE activities both within and outside the Academy and in the newsletters. Celebration Worship now has PE  good work certificates given out

Planned PE Premium expenditure for 2014 - 15

PE Grant and Budget from September 2014/15







Planned Expenditure 






Competitive tournament


Supply release  to enable staff to take pupils to a greater range of tournaments

PE leadership and


Continued evaluation of impact and action plan delivery

Tennis Coaching and Club


Year 1 and 2 coaching highly successful and continued for 2014/5 leading to inter school competition

Chance to Shine Cricket


Focused on Year 5 and 6, this coaching develops both the skills of pupils and staff culminating in inter school competition

Hand ball


This will introduce a new sport to the Academy and provide an opportunity for Year 3 and 4 to receive pupils and staff to develop skills

Multi skills (Reception)


This will develop teaching skills amongst staff in reception.

Table Tennis


This will also introduce a new sport to the Academy an allow us to compete against other schools. It can also feed into an active local club.

PE Tournament kit


This will raise the profile of PE within the Academy as well as the self-esteem of those who reach a standard good enough to represent the Academy.

PE staff kit


Staff will model to pupils the importance of dressing appropriately as well as being easily identifiable at Tournaments

Kick Off Stroud


This project funded by Stroud District Council will work in Y3 and 4 delivering activities and sessions developing healthy lifestyles.